Winning peace will be our victory as Bush&Co.
cannot have a final victory by waging wars

Nipawin - Friday - April 18, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt


Iraq war






It is very difficult to try to maintain some clarity, and in today's world where the focus is on self interest then we become ourselves responsible for our own depraved social and economic conditions. Unless, unless we begin to think, feel and question the unfolding events of economics, of politics, of corruption, of ongoing warfare all over the world.

With the war in Iraq we now have a divided world even among the people who have supported this war. Some people have supported this war because Saddam Hussein was a tyrant, others have supported this war because of the expectation that the stock markets would rebound, others have supported this war because it is perceived as part of the ongoing war against terrorism, others have supported this war because they want to liberate Iraqi oil, others have supported this war because they want to liberate Iraqi people, and many others have supported this war for many other reasons.

In the meantime, we have forgotten international law and we have forgotten the history and culture of the Iraqi people and with it, we are forgetting our own humanity. We are forgetting the fundamental premise that the Bush administration has broken its own constitutional law in waging a unilateral war against Iraq as the U.S. Congress has the sole authority to declare war.

The Bush administration has broken international law when it used the United Nations' resolution 1441 to attack Iraq as this resolution didn't contemplate the automatic use of force by the United States against Iraq. So we are proceeding on with world affairs, with no shared clarity, as we continue to listen to the talking heads and ponder who is right and who is wrong within the orchestrated background of political and economic setting where Might is Right.

In this war against Iraq a truth has been uncovered : the liberation of Iraqi oil and the reconstruction of Iraq by Bush&Co. In fact, there is an understanding that the looting of administrative buildings in Baghdad was instigated by the American troops and that the later looting and fires of the National Museum, National Library and the Ministry of Religious Affairs took place as the American troops were relegated to guard the National Ministry of Oil. The many antiquities and precious documents which were destroyed and which stretch back to some 7,000 years ago can not be replaced, and this has occurred because of Bush&Co.'s greed for oil and empire.

But Bush&Co. are not going to have their final victory as they envision a world of continuous wars. Winning peace will be the victory for all.



Mario deSantis

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