US President arriving on the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln yesterday (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque). New York attorney General Eliot Spitzer at press conference Monday announcing settlement over Wall Street manipulation (AP/Gerald Herbert). Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi in court on corruption charges April 18, 2003 (AP/Giuseppe Aresu)


From the Free Market to the Justice System:
Let us think together about it!

Nipawin - Friday - May 2, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"We were not lying, but it was just a matter of emphasis."

The expression of truth by the Bush's White House



"Nobody is allowed to discredit the judiciary - particularly he who, like the prime minister [Silvio Berlusconi], is occupying the highest political job."

Statement from the Italian National Association of Magistrates



"Hundreds of e-mails from all over Canada have agreed that Superintendent Dueck and his [Saskatchewan] government collaboraters should be severely punished for criminal behavior."

Sheila Steele, social activist




We have an economy on autopilot to feed the greed and wishes of the rich and famous; we have a justice system on autopilot to feed the professional and business careers of the injustice system; and the United States has put in motion a foreign policy on autopilot principled on its hegemonic power to wage wars and re-rebuild what has been re-redestroyed.




Business must not be as usual and yet business is as usual

  • as the individual greed of the rich and famous has replaced our social needs,
  • as the money of corporations has replaced the health of people,
  • as the voice of taxpayers has replaced the voice of citizens,
  • as the free market has replaced the flow of ideas,
  • as science has replaced humanity,
  • as free elections has replaced civility,
  • as privatization of resources has replaced our natural wealth,
  • as emphasis has replaced the truth,
  • as war has replaced peace,
  • as the making of individual heroes has replaced the lives of common people,
  • as the fiction preached by the rich and famous has become the reality of the new gospel of Bush's New World Order.




Top American investment firms have acknowledged their active fraudulent participation in the recent stock market crash, big businesses continue to feed their greed as Pigs at the Trough and the justice system is becoming now privatized as Italian premier Berlusconi defends his criminal parliamentarian friends of Forza Italia and changes the Rule of Law on behalf of the rich and famous.




I am just thinking now of some readers commenting on how I mix apples and oranges as I cursorily write from the Free Market to the Bushes and the Berlusconis of the New World Order. And yes, I mix apples and oranges, and what else is there to say about today's world? Apply the patriotic meter of Bush's "with US or against US" for the attack against Iraq or the justice meter of Berlusconi's "Statute of Limitations" for Berlusconi's crimes? Maybe we all have the just answer: Let us think together about it!

Mario deSantis

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