Italian Prime Minister Silvio Dertusconi, the Saskatchewan Legislative building and US President George Bush


The Seed of Fascism in Italy, the United States and Saskatchewan

Rome, Italy - Friday - May 9, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


I am in Rome visiting my mother, and today I had to overcome my first feeling of shutting myself away from the world. Therefore, I am glad that I have begun again navigating the Internet and that I have found good news for all.



After I covered, in a recent article, our major problem, as going from the Free Market to the un-Justice system, so I have today, other tangible experiences, of the further privatisation of public contracts and therefore of the seed of Fascism in political democracies and governments.



In Italy, we have Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who has volunteered himself to testify in court on his own behalf against the charge of bribing judges in an attempt to take over the state owned firm SME food company. As Silvio Berlusconi´s friends go to jail and as his government has been revising Italian laws to clear Berlusconi's crimes so we must realize the necessity to go beyond the narrow interpretation of the law, case by case and every case having Berlusconi´s government fighting the independence of Italian magistrates.




And yes, I find Silvio Berlusconi a crook as he has been charged in many cases and as such many cases describe a pattern of corrupt behaviour. Let us think about Fascism now as the bundle between business and government and let us think of the related corrupt political events which brought this entrepreneur Berlusconi to head the Italian government. My question is this, does Silvio Berlusconi personify Fascism?




I have been contending that in this New World Order of confusion we must find clarity by comparing apples with oranges, and I am glad to see Paul Krugman getting away from the narrow constraints of his economic field, and denouncing the military directorship of President George Bush Jr.



cover up

In the province of Saskatchewan we cannot find a lawyer who can provide justice service and challenge police and governmental corruption. Therefore, Richard Klassen is representing himself in his multi million dollar lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government and Saskatoon super-policeman Brian Dueck. Richard Klassen and members of his family were falsely accused of sexual charges against children and Klassen will begin a camp-out on the lawn of the Saskatchewan Legislature May 15 in Regina to bring attention to the government cover up. Any doubt we live in a fascist world?

Mario deSantis

Note: This article was written in the very early morning of May 7, 2003 using my sister Maria's lap top and before I decided I couldn't contain her vernacular chracterized by the expressions "perfect" and "precise" followed by the consequential "I told you."
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