Richard Klassen stages protest yesterday and today in Regina.


The Corporative Saskatchewan Justice:
Avoiding the court of law by the power of money, private contracts and deceptions

Nipawin - Thursday - May 22, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"At issue here is the complete failure of Saskatchewan's justice system and many people's lives ruined due to false accusations."

Elwin Hermanson, Leader of the Saskatchewan Party



We have written a number of articles on Dr. David Cassidy's fraudulent studies on no-fault insurance. Yesterday, I received the news that researcher Emma Bartfay has agreed to drop her lawsuit against Dr. Cassidy and the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Bartfay accused her supervisor Dr. Cassidy of forcing her to skew numbers in the fraudulent no fault-insurance study funded by the corporative - friendly Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).



Dr. Bartfay will receive an undisclosed amount of money from the University of Saskatchewan, and once again we have evidence that public institutions use the power of money along with the rules of the private contract to keep their frauds out of the court of law and out of the public eye.




I had the personal experience of one family lawyer who along with the other party's lawyer first disobeyed the pre-trial order of the judge to take the related legal matter to court and then these lawyers concocted among themselves a settlement out of court.




This is our justice as enforced by the institutional system made up of corrupt lawyers and a corrupt Saskatchewan Justice.




Therefore, we take pride of the patience and stamina shown by Richard Klassen, who after being fired by his lawyer is pursuing his "scandal of the century" lawsuit against the Saskatoon police and the Government of Saskatchewan. Richard Klassen along with many of his relatives were falsely accused of sexual criminal charges against children and his father Peter Klassen had to spend four years in jail for a horrible crime he never committed.


Aware of the Saskatchewan injustice system, Richard Klassen and his friends are taking their justice cause at the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina as they will continue to camp out May 21 and May 22.
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