The tools of Bush&Co's Public Policies:
Wrapping up in the flag and lying with secrecy and opinions polls

Nipawin - Tuesday - May 27, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"This commission, in my judgment, should vigorously pursue the links between foreign governments and the Sept. 11 hijackers."

US Senator Bob Graham


  Don't believe for a moment that Bush&Co don't know what they are doing; they know what they are doing, they are lying through their teeth and for this reason they use the privatized tools of secrecy and statistical polling for public policies.
  So today I learn that Bush&Co want to censor the release of an 800-page congressional report about 9-11 and in particular they refuse to declassify


chapters dealing with two politically and diplomatically sensitive issues: the details of daily intelligence briefings given to Bush in the summer of 2001 and evidence pointing to Saudi government ties to Al Qaeda.


Yet we were given to understand by Bush&Co that Al Qaeda had links with Saddam Hussein and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.




Now Bush&Co target is Iran as having both links with Al Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction.
  If we don't ever know about the intelligence failures leading to the 9-11 attacks we must all know that on this same day of 9-11 the CIA was working very hard in focusing all their energies into a simulated attack of a commercial airplane crashing into a building.
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