Some analysts believe the frequent visits by US Vice President Cheney and his top aides over the past year to the CIA involved the concern that the US administration has deliberately exaggerated the Iraqi threat to provide an excuse for the invasion of the country.


Bush&Co's Public Policies:
The Privatization of Justice and Peace

Nipawin - Saturday - June 7 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Look at it this way: as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out, this latest tax cut reduces federal revenue as a share of G.D.P. to its lowest level since 1959. That is, federal taxes are now back to what they were in an era when Medicare and Medicaid didn't exist, and Social Security was still a minor expense. How can we maintain these programs, which have become essential to scores of millions of Americans, at today's tax rates? We can't."

Paul Krugman




It is a fact that corporative marketeers have hijacked governments, have made money the supreme tool of economic and social regression, and have accomplished with Bush&Co the pre-emptive doctrine of "with US or against US" to wage never ending wars against any people and any country. As a consequence of this Bush&Co's pre-emptive doctrine to strike first before any potential threat arises, we common people cannot discern the truth from fiction. The culprit of this social conditioning originates from the economic push for world wide privatization and the establishment of the business and legal framework of the ongoing Free Market.




We must not forget that there is such a thing as common good, and in fact our common good should be our right to have water, our right to breath fresh air, our right to be civilized and respect each other as people and communities.




The push for world wide privatization has increased the divide between the rich and the poor, and it has therefore caused increased social unrest, hunger and violence. We have an economy on auto pilot ready to crash unless we recover our own thinking and our own common good.




We have an economy on autopilot driven by the privatization push of the Free Market where the manufacturing of evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction against Saddam Hussein has become more important than the genocide of people being killed by the millions in Congo.
  We have an economy on autopilot where the interest of the private contract is more important than the disclosure of Saudi Arabia's involvement in world wide terrorism.




We have an economy on autopilot where the private greed of self interest is creating an oligopolistic market with no justice and no peace.

Mario deSantis

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