sketch of suspected Saskatoon policeman involved in the death of Stonechild


doesn't absolve the bigoted Saskatoon police

Nipawin - Thursday - June 19, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Coleman is the most devious non-responsive law enforcement officer this court has seen."

Retired Texan Judge Ron Chapman

"Both the Saskatoon Police and the Justice Department have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up its [Dueck's] bad actions and smear those it has harmed, going right back to David Milgaard."

Social Activist Sheila Steele




Our experiences are our lives and if we are intelligent enough to reflect on our experiences then we will discover the deepness of these experiences in the form of relationships.




Social activist Sheila Steele has reflected on the injustices of the police in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and on the injustices of the police in Tulia, Texas, and she has written


"Who will be exonorated first? The 46 falsely accused in Tulia, Texas or the 25 falsely accused in Saskatoon and Martensville? Tom Coleman is no longer in law enforcement but Dueck is Superintendant. A Texas judge has ruled frame-up by Coleman was a disgrace to the Texas justice system. What will a Saskatchewan trial judge determine about Dueck's case when it comes to trial September 8?"


We must recall how Thom Coleman received his Lawman of the Year award as he falsely framed 46 people (including 39 black, that is 17 percent of the black population in Tulia) for drug trafficking and we must recall how Brian Dueck received his promotion to police superintendent as he falsely framed the Klassen family members for child sexual abuse.




Yesterday, I wrote an article dealing with the insanity of using 'Continuous Statistical Polling' for setting public policies and now I learn of the widely publicized poll conducted by SIGMA ANALYTICS in which the majority of the respondents rate the policing of Saskatoon as average to very good while they rate the supervisory police commission as very poor to average.




I used the term 'Continuous Statistical Polling' as a reminder of the metaphorical fallacy of the management approach 'Continuous Quality Assurance.' In fact, we cannot blindly use the managerial fad of 'Continuous Quality Assurance' as we should not be stuck in doing the wrong job right, and we cannot blindly use the results of the SIGMA ANALYTICS poll as we cannot absolve the bigoted behaviour of the Saskatoon police to resist the change of justice community policing as demanded by its police commission and its police chief.

Mario deSantis

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