George Bush defends Iraq invasion at Pretoria news conference July 9, 2003 (base image AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)


Is President Bush lying?
The truth is in the eye of the beholder, think for yourself

Nipawin - Monday - July 14, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Lies don't make truth, and might doesn't make right -- even if a president says they do"

Jim Hightower


The White House has just acknowledged that President Bush was wrong in mentioning in his last January State of the Union address that Saddam Hussein had sought to purchase a significant amount of uranium from the African country of Niger. In fact, the mentioning of this purchase of uranium by Saddam Hussein was based on a forged document. However, the Bush administration continue to affirm that this wrong doesn't impinge on the valid reasons to have invaded Iraq.


So, it doesn't matter if President Bush doesn't tell the truth.

up to us

I never get tired to say that we live in a determined confusing world where our language is progressively changing for the worst, and with President Bush white is black, black is white, war is peace, peace is war, a truth is a lie, and a lie is the truth. How can we ever come up with a solution to distinguish the truth from a lie? We have no choice but to learn to think for ourselves!


Friday I read that there are such things as the "true lies" of President Bush, and sometime ago I discovered that what "Bush is saying isn't technically untrue". I really understand the difficulties it takes for all of us common people, with no expertise in professional lying, to keep our mental sanity.


While in his African trip President Bush ducked questions about his misstatement in the State of the Union address and volunteered to say
"There's going to be, you know, a lot of attempts to try to rewrite history, and I can understand that. But I'm absolutely confident in the decision [to invade Iraq] I made."
Now I wonder who is rewriting history as President Bush, CEO of the United States of America and Master of Business Administration, restates the reasons to go to war in the same way as CEOs restate their earnings when a profit of billions of dollars turn out to be a loss due to the unanticipated developments of uncovered corruption and greed.

up to you

Is President Bush lying? The truth is in the eye of the beholder, think for yourself.

Mario deSantis


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