32nd Group U.S. Army Reserve from Puerto Rico, two injured one killed near Abu Ghraib, Wednesday, July 16 (AP/Dario Lopez-Mills).
George Bush July 15, 2003, deficit 50% larger than expected (AFP/Manny Ceneta)


Bush's Slippery Slope:
Ending with impeachment?

Nipawin - Thursday - July 17, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"There was a concerted effort during the fall of 2001, starting immediately after 9/11, to pin 9/11 and the terrorism problem on Saddam Hussein... it came from the White House, it came from people around the White House... And I never got any evidence."

Retired US General Clark Wesley

"If the standard of impeachment that the Republicans set for Bill Clinton, a personal, consensual relationship was the basis for impeachment, would not a president who knowingly deceived the American people about something as important as whether to go to war meet the standard of impeachment?"

US Senator Bob Graham

"It's irresponsible and immoral for George W Bush to continue sticking our children with the bill for his record deficits and debt because pride and ideology get in the way of scrapping his failed economic policies."

US Senator John Kerry


Since I have been following up the public policies of the Bush administration, and the speeches given by President Bush I have felt that Bush was an inflated balloon, that is, he was a farce trying to put a false face to the true facts and worse of all, trying to create true facts out of a false face.




Today is the beginning time for Bush's inflated balloon to deflate for the good of us all. The 9-11 terror attacks should have showed the massive failures of the intelligence agencies and in particular of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and instead President Bush has used the CIA to deceive the intelligence over Iraq's real threat to the United States and the world and therefore wage a war against Iraq.




The American economy shows the need for having more people being employed and instead President Bush has used the mantra of economic growth by tax cuts, by having more people out of work, less services and bigger deficits and bigger debts for the federal government and the states. We are living in a world where Bush's fiction is creating realities of a world more insecure and more divided.



war &

Again yesterday, July 16,there was another soldier killed in Iraq, and again yesterday we have the economic news that the federal budget will have an increased and revised deficit of $455 billion.



big picture

The Bush administration is a sham. The Bush administration is telling the world to look at the big picture rather than to the Bush's sixteen word misstatement of his State of the Union address, but Paul Krugman states that
"the bigger the picture gets, the more it looks like a pattern of dishonesty."


I really believe that President Bush's misbehavior is more serious than President Clinton's, and in fact while Clinton lied under oath about not having a sexual relationship with that woman, Bush has lied under the most important social contractual relationship between the presidency and his people, that is the State of the Union address. While Clinton's misbehavior didn't cost any life, Bush's lies have had a huge cost, American alienation from many countries, thousands of civilian deaths, and insecurity at home and abroad.


I am pleased at the recent fallout of Bush's popularity and that politicians are beginning to question Bush's misbehavior and raising the possibility of his impeachment.

Mario deSantis


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