Nipawin - Wednesday - July 23, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


I am disturbed about this ongoing linear thinking of the linearly educated experts. One linear thinker and linearly educated expert is Walter Robinson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.




When my younger son Eric, an engineering student, mentions to me the results of some researches in accordance to some theory, I want him to think a little bit more on what he says and on what he reads and I laughingly respond in a rational jargon "iff with two fs" as to mean that the results of this researche may be true "if and only if" everything else stay the same, in particular, that time doesn't change and that we freeze ourselves with time as well.




Now this Mr. Robinson says that


"our taxes should be lower, flatter and simpler."


This reminds me of the article I wrote sometime ago about tax reform in the United States and the agenda by the Bush administration to move away from taxing property and capital and instead to move to the simpler task to tax consumption.


  If you didn't know, the tax experts are telling us that consumption taxes are fairer as they make every consumer equal to each other. These tax dogmatic experts are really inflated balloons. Now I want you, readers, to figure out the truth of the gospel expressed by Friar Thomas D'Aquino that
"A dollar in payroll taxes cuts output by 27 cents, and a dollar in personal income taxes, by 56 cents. As for corporate income taxes, an extra dollar [of tax] cuts economic output by $1.55."

Mario deSantis


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