Nipawin - Friday - October 3, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"As far we are concerned, I notice that this conspiracy of the Free Market is marketed in Canada by the CanWest media conglomerate, and I become more outraged as I read the National Post."

Mario deSantis

"Here is a leader [Berlusconi] who is not only sensitive and supportive (of Israel) but has moved Europe to be less hypocritical... He has understood Israel in these times of trouble."

Abraham Foxman, Anti-Defamation League


I have been writing articles of economic and political interests, but I never dwelled too much on the Israeli-Palestine problem as I know that this problem is so painful and polarizing that it takes away the ability for people to think for themselves.




But today I am laughing as I read the article "Media bias and the Middle East" by Canadian tycoon media owner Leonard Asper; and you, can think for yourselves about this media manipulator when he states


"We must therefore go inside the minds of news journalists to fully explore how their political and philosophical leanings lead them to conclude that Israel is the villain and to then report accordingly."




This media manipulator of an Asper labels most of his 'news journalists' as doctrinaire socialists or Marxists and he gives us directions on how people must think and do in his world of the Free Market. I suggest everyone read Asper's article and think over the consequences of a monopolistic media owned by the Asper family.




In the meantime, if we are still concerned about who is right and who is wrong in the issue of the role of journalists in the issue of the Free Market, we can refer to the hypocritical "Distinguished Statesman Award" recently granted to privateer Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi by the Anti Defamation League in New York.




Again a reminder, that it is better to think for ourselves than to be brainwashed by media tycoon Leonard Asper.



Mario deSantis


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