Is this NDP Saskatchewan Government a Jerk?
The hiring of SAIC and the protecting of Police Superintendent Brian Dueck

Nipawin - Tuesday - October 28, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

of birth

I have really no interest in the politics of left and right as we are all living in a state of deliberate confusion orchestrated by elitist politicians and business leaders. I am of the opinion that it is only by accident that we can be born in rich or poor families, or in rich or poor countries. Therefore, in order to provide an element of justice for all the people we need government with regulations and with enough of a taxation base to provide for the basic needs of people such as education and health.



duped by

Saskatchewan is facing an election on November the fifth and I hear that the opposition Saskatchewan Party people have a list of governmental appointees who are going to be fired if this party should win the election. I also hear that the New Democratic Party (NDP) people have accused the Saskatchewan Party of wanting to privatise the Crown Corporations. The bottom line is that we are all being duped by most politicians and it is time for a new government in Saskatchewan.



shrunk the

The only credit this government has is that they have balanced the budget and shrank Saskatchewan to greatness by digging holes in the ground and covered up their misdeeds especially in health care and justice.



US military

One feels sarcastic laughter as we begin to realise that while the NDP government promises to keep the Saskatchewan Jewels, that is the Crown Corporations, so we also realise that this same government created the crown corporation Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) which has been responsible for the wasting of some tens of million of governmental dollars. The form of socialism predicated by the NDP is best demonstrated with their hiring of Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) to lead the building of the SHIN network.



part of
US gov.

We must understand the socialistic flavour of SAIC as it is a military American contractor with some US$6.5 billion revenues owned by its own patriotic 39,000 employees who go back and forth from this company to governmental agencies. Professor Milton Leitenberg of the University of Maryland says that SAIC serves the interest of the agency that hires them "You don't tell your employer that he's a jerk."




It is particularly important to be reminded during this election that the Saskatchewan justice system is really deplorable. A glance at the web site provides a gloomy picture of the justice carried out by the police and the government on our behalf.




Policemen dumping poor people at the outskirts of Saskatoon in the freezing winter and the most spectacular and fictitious satanic sexual crimes ever committed in North America.




I was pleased today to hear that the trial against Saskatoon police superintendent Brian Dueck and his intimate friends will proceed. Brian Dueck led the investigation against Richard Klassen and other members of his family and charged them in 1991 with ritualistically abusing foster kids by forcing them to eat eyeballs, drink blood, participate in orgies and watch newborn babies get skinned and buried. Terry Hinz, a former prosecutor, stated during the trial that he asked Dueck to track down the babies that were killed, but Dueck said it was the work of "brood mares" - women who breed children specifically to sacrifice them. Hinz testified
"It made me feel I was transported back into the 17th century reading about the Salem witchcraft complaints."



the NDP

This is the state in which we find our province, we have governmental agencies and police who have been protecting Brian Dueck and the like for many many years under the supervison and direction of the NDP government. So let us make sure to be in the 21st century and make a first right step in dumping both these Duecks and the NDP government.



Mario deSantis


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