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Preempting Further Bush's Capitalism Against Humanity:
Throwing Out of Office President Bush

Nipawin - Friday - November 28, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

'We human beings exist only as we exist as self-consciouness entities in language."

Humberto Maturana, Biologist

"Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never again! In the name of God, may every religion bring upon the earth justice and peace, forgiveness and life, love!"

Pope John Paul


I have watched the video "The Bush Family Fortunes," by Greg Palast and the BBC, and I understand that the problem of economic and political corruption by the Bush family preempts any perceived problem of corruption we can encounter today on this planet.




Rather than apply Bush's preempting foreign policies to annihilate any people or any country before these people or these countries ever challenge the wealth of Bush&Co, we must have the social duty to preempt further American wars and further American injustices around the world. American democracy has been hijacked by the American capitalism of Bush&Co. and their friends.




The exportation of American capitalism has broken down the cultural ties of communities around the world and has brought a world for the few and privileged where the common denominator is the power of money irrespective of geography, religion and culture.




The natural language to get along with each other has been taken over by the artificial language of money, and this is why Bush&Co. talk about their artificial Free Market and their endless war against Terrorism. This is why they talk about regime changes, now in Iraq, later maybe in Syria, maybe in Iran, maybe in China and maybe in any other country.




President Bush must be thrown out of office and so that this destructive American capitalism might be changed.
  The American money making corporate media is not telling the truth about the war in Iraq and the corruption of Bush&Co. Therefore, I hope that our readers will have the diligence to understand for themselves the relationships between this American capitalism and Terrorism and I invite them to watch the videos and read the articles posted in the excellent web pages managed by investigative journalists William Bowles and Greg Palast.

Mario deSantis


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