Tuesday, December 9, 2003 Al Gore endorses former Vermont governor Howard Dean (image by AP/Mary Attaffer).

Al Gore endorses presidential candidate Howard Dean:
An opportunity for peace and a just American Community

Nipawin - Friday - December 12, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"We're going to talk about justice again in this country, and what an America based on justice should look like -- an America with justice in our tax code, justice in our health care system, and justice in our hearts as well as our laws."

Presidential candidate Howard Dean

I am still reading the book The Soul of Capitalism by William Greider. Eventually, I will be writing something about this book and the way Greider envisions a new capitalism where corporations serve the interest of people rather than their greedy interest to make more money for themselves.


(image by CNN)


People are more important than money and I always get disturbed as I listen to president Bush's gospel that he saves the economy by cutting taxes and putting more money in the pockets of taxpayers. How regressive and debasing it is to hear president Bush saying one more time


"When a person has more money in their pocket, they're likely to come to Home Depot...We cut taxes on people."
  The fact is that the Bush administration's policies are causing a budget shortfall of some $400 billion for the next ten years and this short fall not only will mortgage the future of the next generation but will further the division between the rich and the poor.
  This kind of mortgaging public policy is now being adopted by the new governor of California Arnold Schwartznegger who wants to fix the state's finances with the issue of $15 billion bonds. Just ask yourself this question: Who is going to own these bonds? Certainly not the poor people who are making less money and working overtime. These rich celebrities camouflage themselves as patriots but in reality they continue with their misleading policies of "divide and conquer."

On Tuesday, it is refreshing to know that former vice-president Al Gore is endorsing presidential candidate Howard Dean. Gore has stated

"We need to remake the Democratic Party, we need to remake America... He [Dean] was the only major candidate who made the correct judgment about the Iraq war."

(AP/Mary Attaffer)

  Unlike the fake patriot Bush who wages pre-emptive wars against countries and people, see for yourself the true patriotism of Dean as he wages peace and a just American Community.

Mario deSantis


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