A deeper Free Market in Canada:
Charest fights for his privatization of Quebec

Nipawin - Sunday - December 14, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


My thoughts are really converging on the conspiracy of the Free Market to put fiction before the reality of common people. The use of the word "converging" sounds salient in the sense that it has both an emotional and rational understanding as opposed to the analytical tunnel vision of the Free Market to fragment or divide every social or political issue.

as political

The conventional media conjures up and reinforces this conspiracy of the Free Market by representing the fiction of the fragmented issues in the midst of TV commercials and as long as these same commercials generate more than enough profits this fiction of fragmented issues will be sustained.


I have found in the course of my research and writing that the Free Market is a myth and I get so frustrated when I hear the blasphemous gospel of conventional economists that "productivity growth" is the key to a better standard of living. We must be reasonable and understand with our hearts and our intelligence the meaning of "productivity growth." There is a universal understanding that "productivity growth" as defined by conventional economists and by governmental statistical literature, is just a number indexing to the deception of the conventional economists and the sold out governments.

a fiction

I ask this simple question
"how can you explain that productivity growth is the key to our better standard of living if such productivity growth is fictioned in an economic environment of corporate mergers and acquisitions, cost cutting and downsizing, and worse of all the chronic gospels of tax cuts and chronic privatisation of public service?"
It is absurd to continue with this deception of the Free Market, a deception which was depicted as the last fragmentation of humanity in my last article "The ultimate deception of Bush's Free Market: You are either with us or against us."


On Friday, I read the sad story that the city of Regina in Saskatchewan cannot afford to maintain the current public libraries which have been in place for years.


John Charest, Premier of Quebec, has just passed his Bill 31 as a premise for his vows to trim between three and four billion in government spending and re-engineer Quebec, and cut some 400,000 public jobs with the fiction that some 60,000 new jobs per year can be created by the private sector. In accordance to Charest's bigger brain, it will take less than seven years for the private sector to replace the 400,000 job cuts in government. Can you remember when I was writing articles about the re-engineering of Saskatchewan healthcare and their saga of re-engineered savings turning deeper holes in the ground? We are living the BIG LIE of the Free Market and of its re-engineering.

free money

Anyhow, going back to Charest, he has quietly provided a provincial loan guarantee of $1.6 billion on behalf of Bombardier Inc. Laurent Beaudoin is chairman of the board of Bombardier and member of the infamous Carlyle Group, and who knows, maybe Bombardier can partially create those 60,000 new jobs per year by manufacturing tanks, guns and by participating in the Hi-Tech U.S. Missile Offense system as defense has now turned out to be an offense in accordance to Bush's doctrine of international law: "you are either with us or against us."


We are living in scaring times, and what is happening in Charest's Quebec seems to be spreading across Canada. Patriot Brian Tobin has opened his big mouth and has stated:
"Make no mistake: The labour unrest that has dominated Quebec's public life in recent weeks is the first shot across the bow Canada-wide, as governments and public-sector unions square off over rising deficits and what to do about them. Mr. Charest and Quebec dominate today's headlines, but this story will soon be repeated across the country."

save Canada

Rather than invoking the fictitious god politicians shout at the end of their hypocritical speeches, let me say: People save Canada!

Mario deSantis


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