Saskatchewan minister of Justice Frank Quennell and Richard Klassen


Servant Leadership and Common Sense versus Selfish Leadership and Specific Clarity:
The case of the demented Saskatchewan Justice

Nipawin - Tuesday - January 20, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis




I couldn’t have believed that my writing beginning with the need of transformational changes in Saskatchewan would have taken me to the need of transformational changes in our economic order of the Free Market. But the big problem is how to make transformational changes when the ‘power that be’ doesn’t want these changes. The ‘power that be’ claims to exercise their democratic right to manage their governments and their businesses, but in reality they intentionally abuse their authority when their greedy interests are jeopardised.


  Our democratic system has checks and balances to limit social abuses and the so-called rule of law is supposed to be the social safeguard against these social abuses. But these rules of law are passed and exercised by the same ‘power that be’ and therefore the invocation of such rules has become relatively effective only among parties wielding comparable power.
  Power is commonly defined as the ability to exercise authority on others, therefore people in a position of power, especially those people in public office, must have the responsibility to use their power on behalf of others, or at least not against others. This kind of social responsibility towards others is called servant leadership and it is sad to realise that in practice there is no such leadership today, be it in government or business.
  A few years ago I was watching the TV show Who wants to be a millionaire and I became disturbed as I heard a contestant, a military young man, saying that his aspiration in life was to become the president of the United States. The position of the presidency of the United States has become a career goal of the American Free Market. It is not surprising to realise that things have become worse as the present occupant of the White House has been charged of waging a dishonest war and of being a moral coward.


  I really think that this Free Market has become the reality of a demented mentality.

In the province of Saskatchewan, our demented justice system was defended by retired prosecutor Serge Kujawa when he stated that :

"It doesn't matter if Milgaard is innocent... The whole judicial system is at issue, it is worth more than one person."

So wrongly convicted David Milgaard had to stay in prison to safeguard the supposed integrity of Saskatchewan Justice.

  Today, this demented mentality has not changed. In fact, Justice Minister Frank Quennell is supporting the appeal of the judgement against the malicious prosecution against the Klassen family by saying
"There is a need for clarity in the law about malicious prosecutions, and the only way to do that is to appeal the judgment."
  Poor Frank Quennell, he has lost common sense and now he wants some specific clarity.
  The morale of this writing is that transformational changes can only be accomplished with a change of mentality where servant leadership and common sense are emphasised over selfish leadership and specific clarity.

Mario deSantis

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