Have governments reduced their citizens to Doublethinkers?

Nipawin - Wednesday - February 18, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."

George Orwell, author of the novel ‘1984’




We have our neoConservatives being outraged to the level of corruption of the Liberal’s government as the auditor general Sheila Fraser has been disclosing the $100 million scandal of federal sponsorship program.




Tony Clement, Ontario former health minister and leader candidate for the neoConservatives, has been accusing Prime Minister Paul Martin of being either implicated in the scandal or incompetent as


"Paul Martin was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this terrible and crooked enterprise."


Our newspeak politicians are reducing our language to the new reductionist jargon of the few and privileged, our government is now an enterprise and its head is the CEO.




Privatisation and the economic gospel of looking after ‘number one’ are the root problems of political corruption and our Canadian situation is no different from today’s political corruption in the United States or France.




The Bush administration is using the terrorist traffic lights to scare Americans and convert governmental policies to the reductionist gospels that the war against Iraq brings peace and that tax cuts bring prosperity. But the war against Iraq has brought more violent terrorism and more business corruption, and the tax cuts have brought bigger deficits and less jobs. In France, we have the conviction of President Jacques Chirac's friends for money laundering and corruption.




Referring to the home front of Saskatchewan we fair very poorly. Saskatchewan politicians follow into the footsteps of their brotherly Saskatchewan prosecutors since the wrongful conviction of David Milgaard in the late 60ies. Today, the Government of Saskatchewan apologises in private to the Klassen family for their malicious prosecution, and yet the government doesn’t want to accept the consequential liability.




I wonder how to label Calvert’s government as it is the representation of a socialist party speaking the new language of Newspeak and preaching the new gospel of Doublethink.

Mario deSantis

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