The steady
George Bush
is no match for the reflective John Kerry

Nipawin - Monday - March 8, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

The guy [President Bush] could actually believe he is a warrior"

Journalist Jimmy Breslin, February 15, 2004


"People are poor because they are lazy"

George Bush, attending MBA classes at Harvard Business School, 1974


  It makes me laugh to hear President Bush claim to be a steady leader while at the same time he accuses presidential candidate John Kerry of flip flopping on many issues. I must say that in accordance with his historical behaviour President Bush is an indoctrinated liar who cannot do wrongs.


  As for John Kerry, I can understand his reversal of some prior decisions and statements, like going to war against Iraq and supporting Free Trade, as reasonably justified from his later reflection and critical thinking.


  President Bush is a steady leader who makes the big wrong decisions because he cannot either reflect, or think for himself. President Bush seems far more to be Orwellian double thinker, able to hold two contradictory thoughts at the same time, while not forgetting to enrich his privileged friends.
  War President Bush wants to wage a never ending war against terrorism, but since terrorism is a political tactic rather than an identifiable entity he is subverting common law and making his rule of law a mockery of justice.
  Compassionate president Bush wants to alleviate poverty by selling Free Trade to the world, but since Bush’s understanding of poverty is correlated to his laziness, he is further impoverishing the three billion people living on $2 or less per day.
  Today’s violence in the Middle East, Venezuela, and Haiti is the unfolding of worse things to come if President Bush should continue to be in office for a second term. Needless to say: Americans, vote Bush out!

Mario deSantis


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