CIA Director Tenet & Collin Powell at the UN last year, above right Louis-Jodel Chamblain and Guy Philippe, right new US appointed Haitian Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue and at centre the former Haitian President removed from office by the United States Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


The Bush administration breaks international laws:
First with the war against Iraq and now with the ousting of Haitian President Aristide

Nipawin - Wednesday - March 10, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

Are we forgetting that the rule of law originates from our established traditions and customs? The conventional media is so concentrated and so dependent upon making money that it has lost its main purpose, to inform and educate, the public. As a consequence, the conventional media doesn’t tell us that the war in Iraq was against international law and therefore, it was illegitimate. Former Chief United Nations (UN) Inspector Hans Blix has stated:

I don't buy the argument the war was legalised by the Iraqi violation of earlier UN resolutions… the ownership of the resolutions rested with the entire 15-member Security Council and not with individual states… not the UK and US individually."

  Again the Bush administration is breaking the law with the ousting of Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Instead of supporting the democratically elected president Aristide, the United States and other foreign lenders held up some $500 million in aid to the poorest western hemisphere country and gave some $120 million to Aristide’s tiny opposition party Democratic Convergence. While the Haitian economy was collapsing, Aristide’s opposition parties allied themselves with the rebels headed by convicted killer Louis Jodel Chamblain and alleged drug trafficker Guy Philippe and together they took over the country.


  President Aristide has stated that US officials told him that rebels were on the way to the presidential palace and that they forced him and his family to board an American plane to take them to exile.
You might recall Collin Powell is the same fellow who show the UN pictures showing that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction

Secretary of state Colin Powell has negated that president Aristide was forced to take the plane and instead has affirmed that Aristide signed his letter of resignation and boarded the plane by his own volition.
  I wonder whom we have to believe, however it suffices to say that the Haitian constitution provides for the submission of the eventual president’s resignation to the legislature and not by handing a note to US officials.
  What a shame this Bush administration, they undermine the first ever democratically elected Haitian President Aristide, then they break the law and leave Haiti in a state of chaos supervised by the rebel leaders, Louis Jodel Chamblain and Guy Phillipe.

Mario deSantis


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