bombing in Madrid, Bush speaks in Cleveland today, Ahmad Chalabi and Senator Kerry defends his remakrs about lying group.


The Bush’s crooked and scary world of the Free Market:
Haiti, Iraq… and more terrorism

Nipawin - Thursday - March 11, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

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Yesterday, March 10, presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry has been caught murmuring

"These guys [Bush administration] are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen. It's scary."

I praise Sen. Kerry for expressing what many people are beginning to understand is the corrupt ideology of a New World Order in action through the corporative hegemony of the Free Market.

Sen. Kerry says "
it’s scary" and I am scared and all ordinary people should be scared of this Orwellian Bush administration. I never knew this world had become as scary as it is. I just thought that whatever corruption we would find in business, or politics, was an accidental matter. But no, this corruption has become systemic in business and politics and it is spread out all over the planet.

  As we learn about the ongoing saga of the Sponsorship scandal of our own Canadian government, but this is a small potato, systemic corruption is world wide and it includes police forces as well.
  Social activist Sheila Steele has been documenting the decadent integrity of the police and justice system in Saskatchewan.
  I feel so hopeless as I discovered today that Italian police planted Molotov cocktails in the Diaz school at the G8 meeting in Genoa and blamed and arrested 93 people for committing this crime.
  It is a scary planet and we must not give up our civil responsibilities as this Bush administration is taking our own planet to the brink of an irreversible disaster. The Bush administration breaks international law and replaces the rule of law with the rule of the Free Market for the benefit of the few and privileged.
  A Bush’s led "council of sages" in Haiti has just appointed Gerard Latortue as its prime minister. One of Latortue’s early commitment will be to meet ‘freedom fighter Guy Philippe and thank him for helping restore democracy in Haiti. I am confident Latortue will ask his two daughters, one works for the International Monetary Fund and the other for the World Bank, to come back to Haiti and help establish the Free Market once again.

The Free Market is also being executed in Iraq by mathematician and banking guru Ahmad Chalabi. This is the man who opened the Petra Bank in Jordan with the participation of the local royals, shortchanged its depositors to the tune of $300 million, and escaped to Syria in the trunk of a royal car when the bank collapsed. But Chalabi’s most important asset is the fabrication of documents showing proof of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and for this reason he and his friends are still on Bush’s payroll.
  The Bush administration is now trying to overthrow the Chavez’s government in Venezuela one more time and re-establish a true Free Market. Bush’s world is a crooked and scary world. The last news is that mercenaries are being recruited by mining multinationals in Africa, and that terrorism has now escalated in Spain as well with one hundred nine-two people killed in Madrid this morning.

Mario deSantis


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