One year after Bush’s war in Iraq: The building of the ominous ideology "you're with us or against us"


One year after Bush’s war in Iraq:
The building of the ominous ideology "you're with us or against us"

Nipawin - Tuesday - March 23, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis
  On the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, President Bush has defended his war against terrorism by saying:
"It is the interest of every country, and the duty of every government, to fight and destroy this threat to our people… There can be no separate peace with the terrorist enemy. Any sign of weakness or retreat simply validates terrorist violence, and invites more violence for all nations. The only certain way to protect our people is by early, united, and decisive action."
  For a president who has been chronically lying to the American people there is only one decisive line of defense: more lies. By keeping abreast with the actions of the Bush administration I have now learned the art of governing by righteous politicians. This art of governing is based on lies, and I now understand that lies divide people. As righteous politicians cumulate their lies so divisions become more marked. These divisions among people cause the theoretical building of ideologies and the physical building of walls. Once these theoretical ideologies and physical walls are erected then righteous politicians begin the preaching of their gospel. Then, the righteous politicians elevate themselves to the highest pedestal of power as people at large convert to their gospel and stop thinking for themselves.
  How depressing it is to notice that president Bush has no respect for the functioning of the state of law, he has only respect for his decisive action, that is a never ending war against terrorism. Terrorism is fought with the rule of law and it is not waged with a never ending war. President Bush and his righteous politicians are building their own new ideology "you're with us or against us" of a never ending war against terrorism but they have no clue of what terrorism is and what terrorists are.
  We have not lost yet our capacity to think for ourselves. Therefore, rather than blindly kowtow under the Bush’s gospel "you're with us or against us" let us think for ourselves and learn more about this terrorism and its roots:
  • "As the president swears eternal war on terrorism, it is time to ask: Who is a terrorist? … One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Or so it would seem." Patrick Buchanan, former US Presidential Candidate[1]

  • "The most dangerous man in the world may well be working out of an oval-shaped office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC." Doug Thompson, Journalist[2]
  • "At this moment I think of the lives that were broken by terror on Thursday. My most immediate priority will be to fight terrorism" José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, New Spanish Prime Minister[3]

  • "Mr Blair and Mr Bush must do some reflection… you can't organise a war with lies" José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, New Spanish Prime Minister[4]

  • "Combating terrorism with bombs, with operations of shock and awe, with Tomahawk missiles, is not the way to beat terrorism; not like that. It is a way of generating more radicalism, more people who can wind up being tempted by using violence. Terrorism is fought by the state of law. I believe this is what Europe and the international community must debate." José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, New Spanish Prime Minister[5]

  • "The threat is now posed by ‘al-Qaeda the movement’ and not ‘al-Qaeda the international terrorist organization’." Richard Giragosianis, Analyst in international relations[6]

  • "A Year After Iraq War: Mistrust of America in Europe Ever Higher, Muslim Anger Persists." The Pew Research Center[7]

  • "Spanish voters weren't intimidated by the terrorist bombings – they turned on a ruling party they didn't trust. When the government rushed to blame the wrong people for the attack, tried to suppress growing evidence to the contrary and used its control over state television and radio both to push its false accusation and to play down antigovernment protests, it reminded people of the broader lies about the war."Paul krugman, Economist[8]

  • "The truth was there to see, but the administration refused to see it. America went to war in a dishonest way that alienated key allies, divided and weakened the United Nations, outraged the world community, made us more hated in the world and made the war on terrorism more difficult to win." Edward M. Kennedy, US Senator[9]

Mario deSantis


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