Bush, the Armageddon fundamentalist, says:"I haven't suffered doubt. History, we won't know. We'll all be dead."

George Bush with his military advisors just after war began in Iraq,
we have added the Saudi Crown Prince and Saudi US ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan


Bush, the Armageddon fundamentalist, says:
"I haven't suffered doubt. History, we won't know. We'll all be dead."

Nipawin - Wednesday - April 21, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"He [George Bush] is not an intellectual. He is not what I guess would be called a deep thinker"

Bob Woodward, 60 MINUTES’ interview with Bob Woodward, April 18, 2004

on God

I have a headache as I ponder on the 60 MINUTES’ interview with Bob Woodward and as I read articles and commentaries related to Bush’s plan to attack Iraq. It is an entangled story of a certain George Bush who doesn’t have enough brains to critically think for himself and who relies both in God’s will to make his simple decisions and in God’s forgiveness if his decisions turn to be wrong. There is no room for Bush to ever apologize for his possible wrongs since he is above people and since he carries the divine message of God to liberate the people of the world. Welcome to the new Christian prophet and CEO of the United States.



using funds
tip to Saudi
lower oil
for election

The main three issues of Woodward’s book "Plan of Attack" have been listed as:
  1. the reprogramming of $700 million from the legislatively appropriated fund to fight terrorism in Afghanistan,

  2. the disclosure of the war plan against Iraq to Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan before even secretary of state Colin Powell would be notified of Bush’s decision to go to war.

  3. the promise by Prince Bandar to lower world wide oil price to help the American economy by pumping more Saudi oil before the November election.




A portion of those $700 million were disbursed by CIA’s agents to bribe Iraqi spies and we don’t know how much cash these spooks could have lost in their pockets as they made their way into Iraq. It is certain though that as these spooks were in a hurry to finish their cash delivery work in North Iraq, they used stashed $100 bills with the result that the lack of small change caused cups of coffee to go for $100 and create a local inflation.




Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar is called the dean of the diplomatic corps since he has been in Washington to peddle the interest of the Saudi Royals for the past two decades. The Bush family has been very close to the House of Saud and therefore it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Bush confided the top secret Iraqi war plan to his friend Prince Bandar. Author Craig Unger writes that the House of Saud could have channeled at least $1.477 billion to the House of Bush. Maybe, this family closeness could explain why fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were Saudis; why members of the Saudi Royals and members of the Osama bin Laden family were flown out of the United States immediately after 9-11 while all commercial flights were grounded; and why at least $27 million in suspicious transactions have been identified in the bank accounts of the Saudi embassy in Washington.




American interest rates are very low and Paul Krugman writes today that they are bound to rise pretty soon. Is it matter of chance that the Saudis have supported a recent cut in oil production to raise oil prices with the possible intention to pump more oil and reduce the price of oil before the November election?




We all can be involved into the circular debate of "I say, you say, he/she says, you say, we say, they say" but what I find scary is Bush’s disregard for history and for his own possible wrongs. Bush, the Armageddon fundamentalist, says "I haven't suffered doubt. History, we won't know. We'll all be dead."

Mario deSantis




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