Bush’s God cannot win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people

Dead Iraqi victim of torture, prisoner just before dog attack and US President Bush praying May 6, 2004 (base Bush image Reuters/Jason Reed)


Bush’s God cannot win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people

Nipawin - Thursday - May 13, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters of the United States. He was appointed by God."

Lt. Gen. William Boykin, intelligence advisor to US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld [1]

"The carnage was horrendous, and it was worth it [Civil War], and I look at Iraq, and all I can say is I hope it comes out well"

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld [2]


Looking at the many pictures of torture by the American military, CIA agents and free marketeering contractors [3] I am left with no words to intelligently describe the foreign policies of the Bush administration [4] [5].




Now we have another picture of the gruesome beheading of an American independent contractor by an alleged Al Qaeda cell in Iraq [6].


There was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and now that Bush has liberated the people of Iraq, there is an escalation of violence, torture and terrorism, by Al Qaeda, by American forces, by Iraqi militiamen, by foreign mercenaries of any stripe, by ordinary people.




Bush’s adventure in Iraq is a total catastrophe, and there is no way Bush can conquer the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people by the barrel of American guns [7].




Bush’s war has destroyed Iraq’s economic infrastructure, unemployment is rampant, violence has become business as usual, killing continues. The administration of American torture has now taken us to the experimental validation of the social theory of the Clash of Civilizations as theorized by American professor and ideologue Samuel Huntington [8] [9].




Bush cannot win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people for the simple reason, that Bush has no heart and no mind, and his duplicitous God alone cannot help him out. What we need is not Bush’s duplicitous preaching [10] but the retaking of common language [11].

Mario deSantis


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