1The Hypocrisy of the Free Market: Running public policies as private businesses, the war in Iraq and health care in Canada

The Hypocrisy of the Free Market:
Running public policies as private businesses, the war in Iraq and health care in Canada

Nipawin - Wednesday - June 9, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis


I have the definite understanding that while our elitist leaders preach the democracy of the freedom of the Free Market we are being duped. We read the news reported by the conventional media and we are confronted to believe either this, or that, and in the meantime we donít think for ourselves. Meanwhile, the world is changing for the worse and the Rule of Law is becoming the law of the Bushes.
  In the New World of the Bushes every problem is a problem of individual accountability and the American system is absolutely right. So with this Bush we have the invention of the war against the tactic of "terrorism" and the new legal definition of "enemy combatant" within the framework of executing regime changes under the political doctrine of unilaterally waging "pre-emptive wars."
  President Bush has become the freedom preacher who best represents the ultimate hypocrisy of the Free Market, that is, the running of public policies as private businesses. For example, how can there ever be justifyication for waging an American unilateral war against Iraq, or against any other country, or against any tactical terrorism, with a privatised army? This is pure madness, which materialises with socially painful unintended consequences and personal tragedies. In this regard it suffices to mention the torture which took place at the Iraqi prison Abu Ghraib[1].
  Hypocrisy is the culprit of our decadent democracy[2], and this hypocrisy is self evident in the running of public policies as private businesses. Last weekend I read two articles referring to the resignation of Jim Fergusson, CEO of the Saskatoon Health Region. These articles label Jim Fergusson as a double-dipper[3] and incompetent executive[4] even though he resigned voluntarily, he is receiving a severance pay and a consulting contract with the health region. This situation is no different from what happened in Saskatchewan in 1993 when Hewitt Helmsing resigned voluntarily as CEO from the Saskatchewan Health-Care Association[5] and pocketed a six digit severance pay.
  The health care problem in Canada is that its public health care is run as a business, and I donít buy necessarily the conventional reasoning that more money is needed in health care. Both Liberal leader Paul Martin and Conservative leader Stephen Harper have been promising more money for health care, but how credible are they when Martin has a personal doctor running a chain of private clinics[5] and when Harper wants to cut taxes?[6]
  Hypocrisy is the main culprit of our social problems and our leading politicians have raised hypocrisy to the priced management skill to live with ambiguity. Are we being duped? I believe so.

Mario deSantis

  Pertinent articles published in Ensign
  Definition of HYPOCRISY: The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. An act or instance of such falseness. Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.


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