Bush’s America: lack of moral grounds and consequential violence

Bush’s America:
lack of moral grounds and consequential violence

Nipawin - Saturday - June 19, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"You see, by fighting the terrorists in distant lands, you are making sure your fellow citizens do not face them here at home"

President George W. Bush[1]

"They [the terrorists] are trying to get us to retreat. We will not be intimidated"

President George W. Bush[2]

  America is trying with difficultly to extricate herself from the binds of her own societal faults. There was an understanding that presidential candidate John Kerry asked Senator John McCain to be his running mate[3]. Now (morning of June 18), on CNN, I hear McCain introducing President Bush at the military base in Fort Lewis, Washington.
  President Bush is unable to grasp the common sense as he incites again and again his military audiences to wage wars in the name of freedom, as if freedom is the monopoly of Bush’s America.
  In the last few days a number of distinguished American diplomats and military commanders have recognised the need to abandon the lunatic unilateral foreign policies of the Bush Administration[4] and today I read the article "A Dissenter’s Guide to Foreign Policy" by David C. Hendrickson[5].
  America is in deep trouble, socially, economically, morally and worst of all, America has become an alienated country, a country which under Bush has become despised in Europe[6] and all over the planet.
  It was only yesterday that the 9/11 Commission stated that there was no evidence of any collaboration between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein[7][8], and today in a beastly reactionary fashion, Bush has chosen once again to voice his madness to wage a never ending war against terrorism.
  It is funny but very grave; while Bush blames our world’s faults on unidentifiable foreign terrorists, he blames American faults to a few bad apples[9][10]. But I can recognise things otherwise. Bush has become the most dangerous international terrorist, as he wages his chosen never ending war against unidentifiable terrorists, and Bush has become a tyrant at home as he prosecutes his chosen identifiable American bad apples.
  The truth is that Bush’s America has lost her moral grounds to lead to a peaceful world. Bush has embarked the world into the vicious cycle of violence. I have just learnt moments ago that an Al Qaeda group has said it killed American hostage Paul M. Johnson.

Mario deSantis

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  Bush image, AP Susan Walsh


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