Discerning the language of unity from the language of division


US vice president Dick Cheney in Toledo July 19 and vice president Democratic candidate John Edwards July 28


Discerning the language of unity from the language of division

Prince Albert - Friday - August 6, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"We deserve leaders who believe in each of us and fight for all of us."

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of U.S. vice-presidential candidate John Edwards


"Lawsuits can ruin an honest business… It's a lot easier for America's businesses to hire workers when they know they don't have to keep hiring lawyers."

Dick Cheney, U.S. vice-president

  Every time I open the page of injusticebusters.com I feel so pleased to recognise the outstanding job of publisher Sheila Steele in highlighting the injustices our society is experiencing. Society, the so called ‘system’, becomes regressive as it fails to recognize the social importance of individual injustices and I am so gratified to notice in Steele’s site the regressive quote by former Crown Prosecutor Serge Kujawa
"…The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person…"
  The judicial system is not worth more than one person. We cannot separate individual rights from societal rights as they must coexist, and sometime ago I felt frustrated when I pointed out the abuse of our brainwashing media in polling people as to what was more important, societal rights or individual rights.
  The 9/11 Commission purports to have seen "every single document" and have interviewed "every single relevant witness and authority" and yet former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds writes that her allegations of serious lapses in the FBI’s intelligence were "blocked, gagged, entirely classified, and stopped."
  We cannot divide the ‘system’ from the individual and now I hear the White House accusing democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards of having made millions out of frivolous personal injury trials against businesses. Again we have the supposed problem of what is more important, business or the individual. They are both important and they both coexist.

Mario deSantis



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