Jeffrey Simpson preventative economic solution: more money into higher education rather than health

Jeffrey Simpson of the Toronto Globe and Mail


Jeffrey Simpson preventative economic solution:
more money into higher education rather than health

Prince Albert - Tuesday - September 21, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis
  Journalist Jeffrey Simpson wants to preventively solve the Canadian social problems of the future by spending more federal money on higher education rather than into health care[1].
  Simpson regards health care as a problem of the past while education is the problem of the future. He feels that the United States, our biggest competitor, is putting more money into public four year universities than Canada does and that is the reason why, he says, there is such a wide productivity gap between the United States and Canada.
  Lately, I have come to realise that this push for phony higher productivity[2] could have been the cause for outsourcing good jobs abroad[3] and for downsizing the number of jobs and the median of workers' income at home[4].
  Anyhow, taking aside prestigious American universities for which annual tuition fees are in the order of US$21,100[5], the current annual cost of tuition fees at American four-year public schools are about US$4,700[6]. In addition, there are indications that 4.4 million low-income American students qualified for a four-year college would not be able to enroll, due to rising costs, by the year 2010. In contrast to this situation, Statistics Canada reported an average undergraduate tuition fees of CND$4025 per annum[7].
  Rather than looking at statistical economic numbers we would be better off if only we could think a bit more and do our own home work.

Mario deSantis

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