On current spinning of our language in the United States and Saskatchewan: the selling of insignificant specific certitude and shifting the blame


On current spinning of our language in the United States and Saskatchewan:
the selling of insignificant specific certitude and shifting the blame

Prince Albert - Tuesday - November 2, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives"

James Madison, the fourth President of the United States (1809-1817)

  We are living difficult times where our realities are the spinned realities. The only way we can discern the real reality from the spinned reality is to change our copycat behaviour to blindly follow fads and logos and brands as pushed by the biggest economic suppliers of goods and services. In short, we must go back to being ourselves and think for ourselves.
  Language is part of our behaviour, and the simple word "lie" which at one time had some significance has lost its original meaning, and in fact we all live in a world spun by the big corporate media, by the big multinationals, by the focus groups, by the economic gurus, by our sold out politicians.
  On Saturday I understand that the Bush campaign digitally altered a TV ad[1] and that the Bush administration has been spinning the theory that the missing 360-380 tons of explosives from the Al Qaqaa storage facility had been removed prior to the American invasion of Iraq.[2] In the meantime we have a study supporting the conclusion that some 100,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children, could have been killed since the invasion of Iraq.[3] (click on the images below for large image and details)


fake TV ad


Al Qaqaa, March 17, 2003


Al Qaqaa, April 18, 2003

  It is my understanding that we cannot ever have a progressive democracy by letting authoritarian people continue their spinning of whatever is the truth while common people keep dying. One way to uncover these authoritarian people is to refer to their language, and in fact these spinners re-write history and specifically blame something else for their own faults. For example, Saskatchewan Justice David Wright has found that Saskatoon constables Larry Hartwig and Brad Senger had the young Neil Stonechild in their custody on the night in 1990 when he was last seen alive.[4] Yet Saskatoon police association president Stan Goertzen has stated
"I donít believe any member of the Saskatoon Police Service specifically picked Neil Stonechild up and caused his death."[5]
  The spinning in this case is the insignificant certitude that those two policemen didnít specifically pick up Stonechild and cause his death.

  The Fraser Institute has just released a study which finds Saskatchewan as the province with the longest waiting time for medical surgery. Saskatchewan Health Minister John Nilson has downplayed the instituteís finding and has responded
"The numbers from Saskatchewan should be viewed with great skepticism. It depends what procedure it is."[6]
  The spinning here is the insignificant certitude that there would be a Saskatchewan procedure which experiences shorter than average waiting time. Further, in 1999, I was quoting Martin Zelder of the Fraser Institue as saying
"Look at Saskatchewan... that province had the second-highest government health spending per person in 1999 and the longest total waiting time of all the provinces." [7]
  I find it really incomprehensible that the Saskatchewan Government sponsors fraudulent statistical correlation studies[8] and at the same time obfuscates the common understanding of the behavioural correlation between police corruption, business corruption, political corruption, and justice corruption.
  This government blew $35 million into the failed Spudco potato deal and it dragged a related lawsuit from investing farmers through two provincial elections. The government has just settled this lawsuit for $7.9 million but few months prior to this settlement the governmental lawyer Fred Zinkhan charged the investing farmers for fraud and counter sued for $10 million.[9] At the same time farmer Bob Tullis accused the government lawyer of having
"called us a bunch of dumb farmers."[10]
  Crown Management Board Minister Pat Atkinson has negated that such a comment was ever made and Fred Zinkhan has insisted that he didnít call the investing farmers a bunch of dumb farmers. We must understand that Fred Zinkhanís law firm Olive, Waller, Zinkhan and Waller is too cosy with the Government of Saskatchewan; that Pat Atkinson was the former Health Minister who in 2000 attributed Saskatchewan longest waiting times to the departure of medical specialists for "personality conflicts" and that Fred Zinkhan is the same lawyer who in cooperation with my supposed lawyer Bill Herle was purporting to represent the governmental contractor Gronnerud & Associates with whom I was litigating at the time.[11]

Note: Most of the innumerable daily opinion polls which are taken daily by the big media reinforce the misleading understanding of freedom of expression while at the same time they provide the misleading understanding of scientific certitude.

Mario deSantis



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