The widespread injustice of the LOGIC OF POWER: From the United States to Canada to Saskatchewan


Jacque Chirac (BBC) and Carolyn Parrish (REUTERS/Jim Young)

The widespread injustice of the LOGIC OF POWER:
From the United States to Canada to Saskatchewan

Prince Albert - Monday - November 22, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"Any culture, big or small, has something to teach us, something unique... something which any balanced, fair world needs"

French President Jacques Chirac[1]

"God save us all from the Straussians and the Bushits!"

Mario deSantis[2]

  The Bush administration is representing the unipolar vision of the world order where America’s Bushits are the abusive masters over every other people and other countries. For me the Bushits’ unipolar vision epitomizes the ultimate abuse of power by the best democracy money can buy: Bush’s America. Therefore, I welcomed the democratic statement by French President Jacques Chirac:
"Granted, it is still possible to organise the world based on a logic of power... Yet experience has taught us that this type of organisation is, by its very definition, unstable and sooner or later leads to crisis or conflict... It is by recognising the new reality of a multi-polar and interdependent world that we will succeed in building a sounder and fairer international order... This is why we must work together to revive multilateralism, a multilateralism based on a reformed and strengthened United Nations."[3]
  Bush’s logic of power has created the excess violent killing of some 100,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children.[4] I wonder how Bush can still sell his unipolar democracy to Iraq when most Iraqi families have been touched by violent killings, endemic unemployment, violent destruction of economic infrastructure, and degrading humiliation by the occupation American troops.[5] It is a fact, that Bush’s logic of power can only deliver a more unstable world and therefore more terrorism.
  In Canada, former Liberal Member of Parliament Carol Parrish has summarized in an article the abusive policies of Bush’s logic of power.[6] Just prior to the invasion of Iraq, Parrish had remarked
"Damn Americans'… I hate those bastards."[7]
  In Saskatchewan, the logic of power has entrapped the whole justice system along with the provincial government and the Saskatoon police since the wrongful conviction of David Milgaard;[8] in this regard, social activist Sheila Steele has stated that
"They are a bad lot, Saskatchewan lawyers. I will happily eat my words if anyone will provide me with solid evidence that I am wrong... The justice system in Saskatchewan is bankrupt, both morally and financially. That system is composed mostly of lawyers, on both sides of the bar and former lawyers on the bench." [9]
  The experiences of my family world support Sheila Steele’s contention of a bankrupt Saskatchewan justice system. In particular, I want to share with you, readers, (click here for document) my experience of a mediation process supervised by Saskatchewan Justice on November 25, 1998 in Regina with the hope that justice will eventually overcome the logic of power.

Mario deSantis



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