A New Dawn for the Uranium Business in Saskatchewan: Don Ching, President and CEO of Cogema Resources

A New Dawn for the Uranium Business in Saskatchewan:
Don Ching, President and CEO of Cogema Resources

Prince Albert - Wednesday - December 8, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"Nuclear power is neither clean, green nor safe. It is the most biologically dangerous method to boil water to generate steam for the production of electricity."

Helen Caldicott, pediatrician [1]

  Some two weeks ago, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix published an article mentioning that the future of the province relies on the development of Nuclear Energy. Then, few days later, I came to know that Don Ching resigned from SaskTel to become the President and CEO of Cogema Resources, a French subsidiary of Areva, the nuclear company owned by the French government.[2] As I learned of these two news stories I commented to my wife Sharon
"We are going to have the StarPhoenix teaming up with Don Ching to peddle the development of uranium mining and nuclear energy in Saskatchewan."

On Monday I have the confirmation of this commercial teaming up as I read the article "Politics hamper Crowns: Ching."[3]

We have to understand that the Saskatchewan government has promised to provide Saskatchewan people with the lowest bundle of telephone, power, energy and auto insurance rates in Canada. In fact the Saskatchewan government has recently announced a utility rebate of $137 to every Saskatchewan household.[4]

I consider Don Ching to be a hypocritical mouth piece of the global corporative agenda to further privatize Saskatchewan. Now try to understand the hypocrisy emanating from Don Ching as he states

"There is no commercial basis for keeping the utility rates the lowest of anyplace in Canada. That is strictly a social objective."

Don Ching was a former labour lawyer and law partner of former premier Roy Romanow. So, Don Ching give us the impression that it is fine for him to regress from a labour lawyer to a nuclear marketeer but it is not fine for Saskatchewan to have commercial enterprises to evolve and satisfy social objectives as well. Don Ching also states that

"The fact of the matter is you go and do business where you do sensible and wise business and make a good profit."

In this respect Don Ching suggests that his old company SaskTel should broaden its geographical boundaries and be successful in the same way as his new French owned company operates in Northern Saskatchewan.

I want to remind our readers that the uranium industry has destroyed the town of Uranium City in Saskatchewan,[5] and that one of Cogemaís inglorious legacies has been left in Gabon.[6]

In the last article I mentioned how higher education is becoming more and more a benefit of our corporative businesses.[7] Today, Cogema provides donations and scholarships to Aboriginal people[8] as Don Ching prepares the corporative destruction of their land. Donít get me wrong, the Government of Saskatchewan loves Uranium mining! [9]


Mario deSantis



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