1The fault of the system (State), be it Saskatchewan, United States or elsewhere: disregard of individual rights in a further privatized system (State)


Maher Arar and David Milgaard

The fault of the system (State), be it Saskatchewan, United States or elsewhere:
disregard of individual rights in a further privatized system (State)

Prince Albert - Thursday - March 17, 2005 - by: Mario deSantis

"Even in nations with strong democratic traditions these positive loops [the revolving door between industry and government] can overwhelm the check and balances designed to ensure government of, by, and for the people.”

John Sterman, professor at MIT [1]


"They [lobbyists] roam the halls of Congress like a pack of ravenous wolves, licking their chops and turning the Democratic process into a mockery, a sham where thieves rule and any hope of good government lies trampled in a mass of bloody, unrecognizable pulp.”

Doug Thompson, publisher of Capital Hill Blue [2]

In justifying the keeping in jail of wrongly convicted David Milgaard, Saskatchewan Prosecutor Serge Kujawa stated back in 1991 “The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person” [3] Now, this kind of thinking is wrong. Personally, I find natural the understanding that justice cannot be above the individual rights of innocent people, however, this natural understanding seems to be bypassed by the experts of Saskatchewan Justice.[4]

The judicial Milgaard inquiry is proceeding after 35 years since his wrongful conviction. I find it regrettable that the inquiry has been paying so much attention to the loony behaviour of young Milgaard at the time of the murder of nurse Gail Miller, while the critical sloppy investigative work of the Saskatoon police is not prioritized.[

By the way, the Saskatoon police is in the news recently as the hearings for the discreditable conduct of Saskatoon police deputy chief Dan Wiks begin.[
6] The Saskatoon police service is again in the news as the U.S. State Department's annual report on human rights abuses cites the corrupt behavior of the Saskatoon police in connection with the death of aboriginal teenager Neil Stonechild.[7]

We live in a complex hypocritical world. We must realize that Bush's justice system is worse than Saskatchewan's. In fact, in Bush's America, in an effort to save taxpayers money, they outsource abroad justice and torture as they did for Canadian Maher Arar.[
8] [9]

This brings me to highlight that Bush's justice system is embedded with its military industrial complex where the revolving door between industry and government materializes

  1. with the revolving door of war for business and business for war,[10] and

  2. with Bush's advancement of his Ownership Society,[11] that is further privatization.

Bush's 2006 budget of 2.57 trillion dollars includes approximately 840 billion dollars for military-related outlays, a third of the total budget! [12] Further privatization (M&A ie mergers and acquisitions) is undermining employee pension benefits in many corporations,[13] in many states, and we can only speculate of the disastrous consequences of the possible privatization of Social Security.

The social perils caused by the military industrial complex can be understood by analyzing the business operations of The Carlyle Group, an equity private investment firm associated with the Bush family and powerful politicians around the world.[
14] The Carlyle Group returned $5.3 billion to investors last year,[15] the best year ever, and has averaged a return on investment of 34% per year for many years.[16] The California public employees retirement fund CALPERS owns 5.5% of Carlyle and therefore this fund is making money out of crony capitalism and war.[17] CALPERS' predicament is doubly disruptive since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is contemplating legislation to begin breaking up CALPERS into private personalized accounts.[18] So, no matter what happens to CALPERS, the military industrial complex is here to stay as a winner either as it wages perpetual wars or as it advances privatization.

We live in a complex social system. We will have a sense of justice only when the individual rights of innocent people are going to be above the power of the system (State); but how can you cope against the corruptive power of money and the killing power of guns of the system (State )? Let us begin thinking for ourselves!


Mario deSantis



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Photo credit: Maher Arar picture by Jonathan Hayward of Reuters


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