A Number Game

By Mario deSantis, April 1, 1999

I have saved last Saturday's StarPhoenix reporting the details of the just released budget. The front page shows Honourable Eric Cline, Minister of Finance, and Premier Roy Romanow with their thumbs up and a pathetic smile falling down their faces.

The magic numbers have been released:


to health care




to education




to social services


Everybody is unhappy: the linear thinking mentality of our leaders becomes the focus of their critical thinking abilities and the comparisons between this year's figures and the previous ones are analysed and criticised. Health care wants more money to cover the Y2K nightmare, education is underfunded, taxes have not been lowered enough...
  Eric Cline and Roy Romanow, proud of their magic numbers, state they are ready to fight an election on the budget this June. They are confident to win, there is no organized effective opposition yet, and this time they allocated more money to health care as people wanted.
  That is enough! There is no need to have a vision for the future anymore, the numbers have been released and our leaders are ready to fight for them.
  (Editor's Note: Thanks to the Star Pheonix for the picture of Mr. Romanow and Mr. Cline.)