Premier Romanow: Playing the Number Game

Publicizing the 22% salary increase and covering up the $40 million overrun

By Mario deSantis, April 19, 1999, 10:00 AM (published April 20, 1999)

  This morning at about 8:00 AM, as I was coming back home after having dropped my wife

full page newspaper advertising...
these costs were trivial

Sharon at her place of work, I happened to listen to the radio and caught few words of Premier
Romanow defending the governmental cost of the full page newspaper advertising against the
nurses(1). Premier Romanow defended the cost of such advertisements, which ran for the
last ten days across the province, stating that these costs were trivial with respect to the 22%
salary increase over three years tabled by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurse (SUN) at the
  bargaining session with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO).
  This Premier is such a misleading leader that only after so many years of being in power we

This Premier is such a misleading leader

can understand his political mission and his vision(2). Premier Romanow should not interfere
with the collective bargaining processes, and he mixes up apples with oranges when he says
that the cost of the full page newspaper advertising campaign is trivial when compared with
the 22% salary increase tabled by the nurses. It is one thing to negotiate in good faith a
collective agreement between SUN and SAHO and something else for the Premier to
  provide an economic direction for Saskatchewan.

detrimental policy direction to play with big numbers, big projects

Economic changes occur little by little, in smaller steps, and making sure that such smaller
steps effect beneficially all the people, and not only the few privileged. The Provincial Auditor
has recently stated that he is going to investigate the $40 million dollar overrun caused
by the closure of the Plains Health Centre in Regina. This overrun is not an accidental mistake,
it is the result of a detrimental policy direction to play with big numbers, big projects and big
times. The 22% was not a big number, it was a reasonable expression of a collective bargaining
process. The $40 million overrun is a big number, yet this Government wanted to cover it up(3).


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