SUN's Strike and Premier Romanow's Paper Legislation

By Mario deSantis, April 25, 1999

  Our Premier is a hypocrite. He is a hypocrite because he is a constitutional lawyer(1) and he
  knows that the essential ingredient of any law is the good faith of the emanating body and the
  integrity or constitution of the law. In passing the back-to-work-legislation just after few hours
  the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) called the provincial wide strike, Premier Romanow
  showed again to be a strong leader who makes the tough decisions(2); he walked all over the
  collective bargaining right of the nurses, expressed his intolerance for any dissension to his
  authoritarian administration(3), and used the legislation as the last resort for enforcing his
  personal will(4). The nurses' back-to-work-legislation is a paper law, conceptually void of any
  constitutional ingredient and as such against the right of the nurses and the right of the
  Saskatchewan people. The never ending repetitive threats(5) by Premier Romanow,
  Honourable Pat Atkinson, Minister of Health, and Brian Rourke, Chair of the Saskatchewan
  Association of Health Organizations (SAHO), that the nurses broke the law, that they were
  in contempt of a court's injunction, and that they will be fined, are typical devious tactics of
  these abusive leaders(6).
  In his speech to the 1997 NDP Convention(7), Premier Romanow proudly alluded to the
  "crossing of the floor" by Mr. Krawetz and charged him of stabbing his leader in the back.
  Premier Romanow is a very smart man, in fact he doesn't have to cross the floor to back-stab
  the Saskatchewan people, he just uses paper legislation.


Roy Romanow was one of the key players in the federal-provincial negotiations which resulted in the Constitutional Accord of November, 1981. In 1984, he co-authored a book on those negotiations, Canada Notwithstanding.




In our New Economy we don't need strong leaders, instead, we need invisible leaders who cultivate the creativity of people by being coaches, teachers, designers or architects.




Saskatchewan Tin Pot Dictatorships: Lack of Integrity Is Lack of Leadership, by Mario deSantis, February 8, 1999. Published in the North Central Internet News




Premier Romanow doesn't believe in empowering people and as a consequence we find him as a "Factotum" shaking hands and making deals for the Saskatchewan people.




These threats are very well documented in many articles of the current provincial newspapers: The Leader Post of Regina, and The StarPhoenix of Saskatoon; and in the press releases of the Government of Saskatchewan:




Refer to the pertinent articles published in the North Central Internet News by Mario deSantis




NOTES FOR REMARKS by Premier Roy Romanow to the Annual Convention of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, Saturday, Nov. 22, 1997