Premier Romanow's Latest Magics:

Shuffling Numbers & Mysterious Bank Accounts

By: Mario deSantis, May 16, 1999

the vision and purpose of the millennium fund were broken to accommodate the shortcomings of the governmental economic direction We have a never ending job in trying to rewire the brain of our Honourable Premier Romanow, in fact, he still believes that the secrecy for being reelected doesn't rely in serving the people of Saskatchewan but in outsmarting everybody at the expense of everybody. He has the talent of a magician by creating the illusion of a principled and fair leadership. Lately, his magic has received the attention of our university students and the RCMP. Our compassionate Premier listened to the concerns expressed by university students who were facing higher tuition fees and he used his critical and creative thinking to shuffle money from the Ottawa's Millennium Scholarship Fund to supplement the meagre governmental grants provided to our universities. The vision and purpose of the millennium fund were broken to accommodate the shortcomings of the governmental economic directions, and in so doing, our Premier continues to mortgage the economic future of Saskatchewan.
revolving bank account Office Management Services As the RCMP is concerned, it is reviewing a complaint presented by the Saskatchewan Party on how Premier Romanow managed his expense allowances during the late 80s and early 90s. The complaint was first voiced in the Legislature when Opposition MLA Ben Heppner asked "Mr. Premier, who is Office Management Services?" The question was eventually ruled out of order, but Heppner contends that Office Management Services was an organization which received thousands of dollars a year to manage the joint constituency office of Premier Romanow and former MLA John Brockelbank. Heppner stated that Office Management Services was not incorporated and didn't have a business licence. In a later written statement, Premier Romanow has acknowledged the existence of Office Management Services saying that there was nothing mysterious about it and explained that it was simply the name of a revolving bank account the two MLAs used to pay their bills. Further, when Brockelbank was questioned about Office Management Services he stated he couldn't remember anything about it.
  The disconcerting question which remains to be answered, is how you can establish the revolving bank account Office Management Services without attaching any legal significance to its owner, that is Office Management Services: this remains the mystery and magic of our privileged constitutional lawyer Premier Romanow.


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