On Milgaard's Compensation of $10 Million

By Mario deSantis, June 14, 1999

  I am appalled at the opinion regarding David Milgaard's compensation of $10 Million expressed
  by Mr. Marvin Wiebe of Codette, Saskatchewan. David Milgaard was imprisoned wrongly for
  twenty-three years, and courageously, he always maintained his innocence. David was raped
  in prison, suffered the injustices of a right wing Saskatoon police force, and the deplorable
  behaviour of his two prosecutors: Bobs Caldwell and Serge Kujawa. Only through the
  unconditional love of his mother Joyce, David was eventually able to get out of prison and be
  exonerated from a murder he didn't commit.
  Our social and economic system is based on values and justice, not on money. We have the
  responsibility to know why such a miscarriage of justice occurred and make sure it will not
  happen again; yet, Mr. Wiebe labels Joyce as a "Gold Digger" and the compensation as an
  injustice. Mr. Wiebe goes on with his insults by mentioning that while Third World derelicts
  were starving, David was having free board and room at the expense of Canadian taxpayers
  throughout his imprisonment! To show his outrage, Mr. Wiebe states that the $10 Million
  settlement translates to roughly $1,200 per day.
  I have a word for Mr. Wiebe, I would like him to have a better deal than David's, that is getting
  $1,200 per day while in prison for the next 100 years. I was forgetting a small item the money
  would be paid, as per David's case, at the time Mr. Wiebe gets out of jail!


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