Information Technology is changing
the way to study and learn.

November 15, 1998
By Mario deSantis
  For me, the computer and the related information technology applications are a natural extension of my lifestyle. I have been always of the opinion that education is a formidable asset and as a consequence I have been an eternal student throughout my life. My study and working habits have changed dramatically as the years went by, and today I cannot learn without a computer. I remember how with the use of my intelligence and a computer I was able not only to speed up my work but produce fantastic results. Today, I do the same and try to inculcate this new way of learning and doing things with a computer, the Internet, and new technologies to my sons, James and Eric. In June 1997 I wrote the paper "Coping with changes: an overview of the Learning Organization, Knowledge Economy and current practices in Information Technology applications" (1). For me this paper was the product of a new way of thinking and learning; I used the WWW for researching new relevant information and at the same time I would be using word processing to collect the information and put it all together in a logical sequence. It was the first time I wrote a paper supported by references taken from the Web sites and the final paper was really, at least for me, outstanding. The references listed on the last pages of the paper were mostly characterized by "www........" I proudly showed the paper to James and told him "James, this is the way to write papers, research the WWW and use word processing, along with other pertinent application software, at the same time!"

The world of the WWW (World Wide Web) is fresh, rich, engaging, and with its hyperlinks it takes you virtually anywhere.
Application software and the WWW are becoming essential tools for learning and I never get tired to say:
-no matter what you do, you must know word processing and spreadsheet programming
-you want to learn Calculus and Math in general, get and learn a software package such as Wolfram(2) or Maple(3)
-you want to learn accounting, get and learn a software package such as QuickBooks(4), or M.Y.O.B.(5).
-you want to do research, use the WWW