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FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, June 1, 2004

The old Tisdale Unit Composite school closed and then it was tore down leaving a big empty space. I remember talking to someone about the future of this field when the proposal to put the Golden Age Centre on the site was being discussed and this knowledgable individual said that development of housing on the site was unlikely in our life time.

The construction of the Golden Age Centre has changed all of that common sense. Focusing the seniors of the community on a continous series of activities there is now a good reason for people to want to live close to this site.

This spring the work began on the eighteen unit condominium very close to the site of the old high school. When the construction began the rest of the field was re-surveyed and four housing lots set asside on the north side of the field. (each with a checkmark on the sketch map, right) The town did not have an opportunity to even advertise the lots for sale and all four have been sold.

At the top of the page the first lot next to the north driveway into the Centre had its owner mow the grass and considered putting in a garden (above right).

Late in the summer last year some volunteers planted a set of evergreen trees in the border line (shown in brown) around the Centre perimetre. In the southwest corner of the Centre's property the horse shoe pitch was installed this spring and they are now being used.

With twelve of the eighteen units already sold there is more than serious consideration being given to the development of another condominium on the southwest corner of the block.

The Golden Age Centre has meant a lot to the people of Tisdale and we now suspect that with the hospital it is proving to be a good reason for seniors to select Tisdale as a place to build or buy their retirement home.

Timothy W. Shire


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