FTLComm - Tisdale - October 1, 1999
The wires are in place and the street is paved so it is just a matter of time until Tisdale gets its first street light. This picture was taken this morning with traffic backed up for one block each way from the major four way stop that trickles traffic through the main portion of the town.

To call this rush hour is a bit of a stretch as the period is really only about twenty minutes in the morning around fifteen minutes at noon hour and almost half an hour each afternoon close to 3:30 when the majority of the traffic is funnelled through this location. The positive results of the four way stop is that it keeps traffic moving slowly through the area but it also insures that you can be in for a really long wait if you enter the main street from any other intersection With a street light traffic will halt North and South and that will in turn allow movement off of the post office intersection and any others that currently can mean very long waits and sometimes some daring attempts.

There is no immediate news as to when the lights will be installed the Mayor told me that it would be sometime in the future but he did not specify a time.

Today department of highways painting crews are working around the Tisdale area touching up the highway paint in preparation for the winter.