FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, June 9, 2005

It was just after noon hour today when I got downtown for my daily 'bike for the mail' routine. The main street is blocked off and littered with stacks of bricks ready to be installed on the new sidewalks.

SaskPower was busy drilling from over by Groat's to the street corner of Lamb's hardware as they are putting in electrical lines for the corner. All four corners of the four way stop intersection are piled with gravel.

With all the work going on the downtown businesses are reporting slow trade as all highway traffic is being routed around the core of the community.

But the progress is remarkable and it is clear that the street will be back in business in short order.

The work on the four corners of the intersection has prevented the finishing of the

west side of the street but the bricks are all laid right down to Fantasy Flooring. Today the crew were concentrating on the east side of the street and as you can see in the video clip the work was clicking right along.

I am truly looking forward to the most important part of this project and that is the lighting. Four new light standards will be located on each side of the street on each block turning the street into daylight at dark.

It would appear that most of the work on the brick laying will be finished by Tuesday of next week.daylight at dark. This will only leave the two corners in front of Lambs and the Royal to be finished and you should be able to walk on a smooth surface a week from today.

After that it will be up to SaskPower to put in the light standards and about the same time the corner bullards should be installed.

Timothy W. Shire


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