FTLComm - Tisdale - October 4, 1999
Has Mattel got into street construction? As highway #6 enters Prince Albert the paving and curb changes have been in progress for the past month as Prince Albert upgrades the Streets on its South side. During the summer they improved approaches to the Northern Lights Casino and now we see the elimination of the centre islands on 2nd Avenue.

It is important to advise drivers that you have to be extra aware of the aggressive attitude of Prince Albert drivers. The way Prince Albert drivers approach intersections and handle lane changes is unique in Saskatchewan. Regina drivers are not as laid back as those in Swift Current or Yorkton but they are a tamer bunch then the jockeys in Saskatoon. I have found Saskatoon drivers fairly good with the exception of the professional drivers (truckers and the like) on the ring road who pay little or no attention to street lights. But, Prince Albert drivers are more aggressive and have an edge not usually experienced in other Saskatchewan communities.