Town's Biggest Pot Hole

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 9, 2001

The major excavation just West of the four way stop on main street began early Tuesday morning. The company installing liners in sewer lines had an accident on this sewer line. As part of the process hot water is used in the line to keep the plastic liner inflated for foam to be injected between the plastic liner and the existing sewer pipe. In this case cold water was let into the line cooling the area and causing the liner to collapse resulting in plugging the line. The only fix was to dig up the damaged section.

This project is ineffect a big insurance claim as the liner installing firm has coverage for this kind of eventuality and the cost of the digging, line replacement, filling and resurfacing of the street is covered under this insurance claim.

The town crew shut down their work late afternoon Tuesday and were back on the job early this morning as they had to back into the intersection to finish off the line connetion. Though this severely disrupted the high volume of highway traffic that had to detour for the day (the picture below as taken at 10:30) the actual main street was not dug up.
The picture below (taken around 11:00) shows the back filling process underway. The small "Cat" bobcat loader is a demo from Kramer tractor. The town's Parks and Recreation department have just purchased a similar machine from John Bob Equipment for use in projects needing a small versatile earth moving machine.