Sewer Line Collapses

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, July 26, 2001
With the damp weather having brought a halt to the paving and pot hole fixing business the town crew turned their attention to this sewer problem on the South side of town. The owner had already dug up his line and the problem was not solved as it was discovered that the line had collapsed out in the street.

This street with two nice layers of smooth pavement was soon turned into a crater this morning as the line was excavated and repaired ready for back filling when these pictures were taken at 9:30.

Work on the contaminated soil removal across the street from the town office is on hold now until engineers come to town tomorrow to check over the site and determine if more of the site needs to be taken away.

It looks like we are going to be driving on stones and pot holes for a few more years as the street from main West at the SAAN store is not expected to be paved this summer, at least not with this paving cycle as the budget is pretty well shot as the huge over run on repairing the CN crossing pretty much put the end to this much needed street repair and many others as well. So as you bounce along over that block West of main from the SAAN store just remind yourself that every little hole was brought you courtesy CN rail and the failure of the Department of Highways to hold up their end in maintaining highway #35.