CN and Town Repair Crossing on #35/Main Street

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, July 18, 2001

As the years have passed additional surfacing to highway #35 which is 100th Street and acts as Tisdale's main street, has seen the street rise and the railroad remain at the same level. The huge amount of traffic over this crossing bumps down over the rails each day and the time has come to lift the track to the level of the street.

This morning a CN crew with several ontrack pieces of equipment including a lining machine set to work in conjunction with the Town of Tisdale crew to undertake the improvement. The first part of the process involved removing the streets hard surface which is seen being done around 0800 this morning.

The CN crew can be seen here undoing the angle bars that connect this piece of track as they prepare for the rebuilding process. Traffic will be detoured for most of the day.