Day By Day Digging

FTLComm - Tisdale - July 30, 1998

The intersection at the top of Tisdale’s central business district is blocked off to the West at the Saan store. To the people in the neighbourhood this is hardly an unusual occurrence as it seemed in the fall of last year that this street was dug up each and every day for two weeks straight. The original sewer main down this street was made of concrete pipe and through the years soil action has caused the material to break down and efforts to insert a liner into the line were repeated several times and all failed.

It is therefore a big relief to the folks on this block to see the street tore up once more, this time to install a completely new sewer line for the full block.

Last week the West end of the block was excavated and the
new line installed and this week its the East end of the block's turn for a major dig. The amount of material needed to be removed exceeds the Town's equipment and they rented this back hoe for the project.

Though they had hoped to finish the project today it looks like it will take all of Friday and may even extend on to Monday. The soil under the street is only moderately wet allowing for excellent packing but is damp enough to slow the digging and installation process.

An excavation this large and deep requires a long time to totally settle so we can expect a graveled surface on this block until this time next year or later before a pavement surface can be restored.

Work sites of this type are especially dangerous so parents are urged to make sure their children do not explore what is going on.