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Downtown Tisdale is really down
Monday, Sepember 22, 2014
by Timothy W. Shire
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The pictures were on this page were all taken around 2:00 PM on Friday, September 19. Two contractors are working from each end of the three blocks of the central business district of Tisdale. It would appear that the project involves removing and replacing the water lines both under the street and those that cross the street at the four intersections.

There is no doubt about the size of this project and estimates range from three to four weeks for the work to be completed.
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Obviously this must be hard on the downtown businesses with all of them deprived of water. Temporary lines criss-cross the back alleys providing water to those businesses that can not function with out a fresh water supply.

Traffic for highway #3 through town is being re-routed on the old highway and the replacement fill going into the void is being packed so that as soon as the excavation is closed up new pavement can be laid from north to south and across the rebuilt intersections.
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Below is a full 360º view of the area at the four way stop between the Royal Bank and Lamb's Hardware. Use you cursor to move around the scene and you can zoom in and out to check for details.