Slow leak at Elementary school

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, January 30, 2003

Not the best time of the year to be doing excavations but there was no choice yesterday when a line had to be repaired just West of Hannigans. The street had been completely replaced, or at least that was what was thought when two years ago a new line was installed up to joining with plastic main. As it turns out that plastic section was only an eighteen foot patch that had been installed on a cast iron line and the older cast iron section failed.

The town crew have known for some time that there was a minor problem across the street from the Elementary School as the leak has been making itself known with a bit of water coming to the surface. So it was decided to go down and sort it out today as it was just to cold last week to carry out the task.

An excavation like this at this time of the year is not a small undertaking since the line will have to be shut down for repairs to be carried out. This meant that the actual repair work would be delayed until after school closes this afternoon when they will shut the line that supplies all of Caribou Crescent down and carry out the repairs to the line or value.

Unlike last year when digging was completely unimpeded by frost this year the frost is more than three feet deep and the back hoe fitted with this special frozen ground cutting bucket has to bit by bit cut open the ground. This process is very hard on the special teeth on the bucket and after yesterday's and today's dig these teeth will have to be removed and replaced as they will have worn down.

As of right now (3:30) the water has been shut off and repairmen are down in the hole working on the problem.

Timothy W. Shire



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