Out of Town Landscaping Project

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 23, 2001
This is a puzzling spectacle as we see a major landscaping project taking place beside the large Senior's apartment building just South of the Co-op. The company involved in the project is an out of town contractor who has brought in his dump truck and pay loader for the project. With many highly skilled and fully equipped local companies this seems odd that this project would bring in a contractor from Saskatoon.

One always wonders about bargain hunting and when it comes to services like these we have seen in the past few years large organisations getting what they paid for. The most notable of these was the School Division having the work on TUCs done by a contractor who bid well below the going rate and of course was unable to complete the project. Another notable mistake was a landscaping company came into town to beautify the grounds of the new Madisson Condominium project, after spending two frantic days installing plants and scrubs we can see the results with 100% failure rate on the plants put in the yard, only the good looks of the building detract from the outrageous mess of the front yard.