FTLComm - Tisdale - December 1, 2000
Tisdale's Parks and Recreation have given most of the community's ball diamonds a real working over this fall. This one is still undergoing a full scale reshaping. The ball diamonds in the Elementary school yard, those in the Kinsmen park and these in the fairground have all been worked up and some have had new material added to them in preparation for the next season.

When I came over to snap some hoar frost pictures I was surprised to find Mr. Tree's Nursery and Landscaping bobcat hard at work moving material around the infield of ball diamond three. It seems a little late in the year to do be doing landscaping but then if you can still get the work done, why not.

The snow and frost around Tisdale is not at all as developed as I noticed in the Yorkton area where heavy snowfall has been the order of the season for the past two months.