FTLComm - Tisdale - July 31, 2000

In the due course of things it is time to see the removal and replacement of the sidewalk along the North side of the bakery. This had already been done on the rest of the block and today the town crew set to work removing the old sidewalk.

By 9:15 they had already most of the material out of the way leaving the curb intact.

Base gravel will be packed into place and the new sidewalk will be poured. Excellent weather for this sort of work and being on the North side of the building even better.

At the far West end of the bakery workers discovered what looks like an old well hidden beneath the old
concrete sidewalk.

They said that this is not the first time they have discovered other wells of this kind which had once been in used under sidewalks.

This one has a steel drum top but as you can see in the picture below had brick work in it or that had tumbled in when the sidewalk had been laid over top of it perhaps seventy-five years ago or more.